Christian Provenzano is a globally renowned and recognised perfumer. Simply, he is a devoted Master of his craft. For Christian, a life in fragrance has been a continuing journey of discovery and inspiration, marked by creativity and revelation. This has been demonstrated by his remarkable success over the past forty years, during which he has collaborated with some of the most prestigious and celebrated global brands, serving as the ‘best kept’ secret behind their renowned and award-winning fragrances.
Christian’s journey began in his childhood. Born and raised in Morocco to Italian parents, Christian experienced firsthand an exciting and alluring environment, an intoxicating assault on the senses. It was the richness of these scents and smells surrounding and enveloping him as a young child that evoked his excitement and passion. This early exposure fostered Christian’s deep appreciation and understanding of essential oils.
As a young man, when he began working at a Dutch perfume house and they agreed to train him as a perfumer, Christian had the opportunity to expand his boundless knowledge through extensive global travels, uncovering rare essences and ingredients on a worldwide scale.
After extensive travels, Christian is now based in Dubai where he continues to successfully demonstrate his forward-thinking and innovative approach to crafting new fragrances. By expertly blending the finest and most ancient ingredients, he is able to originate and create new scents of outstanding quality, embracing current trends and setting new standards for the ever-evolving world of fragrance.