Top: Bergamot, cedar leaf, saffron, cardamom.
Middle: rose, neroli, geranium, hedione.
Base: sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musks, Vanilla, oakmoss, incense.


Nuie De Rave

Embark on a journey of self-exploration and contemplation of the nature’s sublime beauty.
Picture yourself within an ethereal garden, adorned in verdant splendor, where the gentle breeze carries the fragrance of the fertile earth, the sweetness of its scent, and the beauty of its flowers. Embrace the realm of Nuie De Rave fragrance beginning with an intriguing ensemble: a warm, spicy fusion of saffron and cardamom intertwines with the zesty, citrusy whispers of bergamot. Journeying deeper into its heart, the fragrance reveals an exquisite bouquet—a blossoming of dew-kissed jasmine, delicate orange blossom, and the piquancy of pine needle, crafting an enchanting and refined allure for this perfume. The fragrance gracefully evolves and dries down to a musky base, an amber-laden embrace entwined with the plush caress of velvety vanilla, enveloped in the scent of incense, reminiscent of sacred rituals, creating a harmonious blend of a captivating aroma that wraps you in a serene atmosphere resembling a dream.


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