One of the leading advantages of our services is that we guarantee an ideal shipping and arrival of the goods to the client in good conditions and full comfort, taking into account the following criteria:

- The product shipped is exactly the same product given in the description and prices offered through the official website are accurate and regularly updated.

-We guarantee that the product is in good condition and free from any potential defects.

- Our shipping team is doing its best to protect the product from damage or loss.

- The product in question is supposed to be shipped within a maximum of 3 days in Saudi Arabia and within 5 days in the rest of Gulf countries, for the rest of countries from one week to 10 days depending on thie country.

 - Our company is shipped free of charge to the following countries Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries and the rest of the countries depending on the country. Please inquire by email

In special and limited cases, the following circumstances may happen:

- The delayed arrival of the product.

- The product arrives with a noticeable damage for certain conditions during shipment.

- Product loss.

In the event of the exceptional occurrence of one of the above mentioned cases, our company shall provide the appropriate guarantees and compensation for the damage caused by the manner in which serves and satisfies the customer. All this is done according to the mechanisms determined by the company.


In the event that the product arrives in partial or total damage or loss, our team and the Customer Care Authority will put in your hands the opportunity to obtain appropriate compensation and provide you with the possibility of cost recovery.

All you have to do is contact us as soon as possible and report any damage or misunderstandings. The site will enable you to obtain the appropriate compensation, send an alternative product or refund the costs.

The confidence of our customers is a gain which we are working to maintain and expand.